TextCrimes - An analytical database of malicious communications
Forensic Linguists

Tim Grant is the Director of the Centre for Forensic Linguistics. He is leading the TextCrimes project and has spent the last 30 years working as a practitioner and academic in the field.

Linguistic interns who have contributed to the project include:

  • Charmaine Innis who was responsible for most of the initial data set including its transcription and tagging.
  • Gaby Axer who was responsible for initial data cleaning and quality control during this period.
  • Begum Malik
  • Kelsey Dethlefs
  • Emily Tauzeeh
  • Amanda Muscat
Software Development

Dave Evans and Peter Lewis have led the software development teams and supported and advised student interns on the project.

Software development interns who have contributed to the project include:

  • Aman Soni who was responsible for original database design decisions and wrote most of the initial code for the project.
  • Charlie Slowgrove
  • Lewis Blackburn
  • Clare Buckley
  • Johnny Le
  • David Powell