TextCrimes - An analytical database of malicious communications

Welcome to TextCrimes.com

The TextCrimes project is a collaboration within Aston University between the Centre for Forensic Linguistics and the Aston student software company, Beautiful Canoe.

The Centre for Forensic Linguistics is a world leading research centre in the School of Languages and Social Sciences at Aston University.

Beautiful Canoe is a not-for-profit, student-run software development group that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aston University and operates from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

TextCrimes provides an analytic database of malicious communications.

The TextCrimes project arose out of discussions between students and staff of both schools and aims to provide a research resource and analysis tools for researchers and students in the field of forensic linguistics.

Through TextCrimes.com we are providing tagged data sets of malicious communications and continue to develop an integrated set of search and analysis tools.

To access the TextCrimes database we will need to provide you with logon credentials which can be requested through the Contact page.