TextCrimes - An analytical database of malicious communications
How TextCrimes is structured

Text Collections - the TextCrimes database is structured as discrete collections of texts. Each text collection can have a different owner who has control over access to that collection.

User access to any collection can be set to one of fours levels:

  • Full access - this includes access to the original image file from which a text was transcribed.
  • Anonymised access - this denies access to the image file and provides access only to an anonymised version of the transcript and an anonymised tag set.
  • Analysis access - this denies access to any textual information but allows content from the collection to be analysed and provide comparison statistics to the open data.
  • Porta ac consectetur ac
  • Private – only the collection owner has access.

Not even the TextCrimes administrators can override the access levels to read a text if a collection owner restricts access.

Users may have access to more than one text collection and run queries to create sub-collections, which they themselves can save as their own personal collections. These in turn may be shared with other users (assuming they have the correct permissions to see the original texts).

Text Series - within a text collection texts can be linked into series. Texts may be linked into series in different ways. These include:

  • Letters sent by a particular individual. One substantial series is the Operation Heron series which relates to a a case, where all the letters were written by Margaret Walker.
  • Letters received by a particular individual. Within the FBI Vault data there is a series of all letters from within the vault that were sent to Elizabeth Taylor
  • Letters associated with a particular case, whether or not they are thought to have the same authorship.
Current Collections

The base data set contains three collections all 'owned' by Tim Grant. These are:

  • Public data – texts in these collections have been obtained through internet searches and most have been obtained from the FBI Vault.
  • CFL casework - texts in this collection come from CFL case files. Where texts have been produced in public court cases, or are otherwise in the public domain, they will be provided unanonymised; otherwise case texts will be provided in anonymised form.
  • CFL background – texts in this collection are from CFL case files where even anonymised versions cannot be released. Analysis access to statistics generated from these texts will be provided.